Tanya’s shabby chic furniture restoration business, Twin’s Chic, began with pieces she needed in her own home. Now, encouraged by friends’ enthusiasm for her craft, she offers her work for sale via the Internet. Since early childhood, Tanya was inspired by the wonderful magic of paints and their power to make time-worn things lovely again. Tanya and her sister, Natasha, helped their father paint furniture, a house and even the fruit trees that surrounded the home. Combining her personal touch with magnificent colors, Tanya brings her chalk painting dreams to reality. She is an expert in multiple chalk painting techniques that she learned from painting in the Ukraine, and she has further developed the process of working with chalk paint for her furniture and home accessories restoration business. Tanya now combines her knowledge and art of shabby chic with unique upholstery techniques. “Twin’s Chic” is so named not only because of the inspiration given her by her twin sister, but also because of the support of her husband, Greg, who also happens to be a twin. With the time Greg started to make his own reclaimed wood rustic furniture to enhance the variety and options for customers. Tanya and Greg are both devoted to their clients needs and expectations .